Reliable, trustworthy
turn-key service.

There are cosmetic products that you want to make and projects that you want to proceed, but if you stucked in something that you didn't expect? Coswel Korea can help you. With rich experience we have built, from the first step toward your goal to the its last, we would take care of it closely. Because, your success is our success. With immediate flowing-up, you will know the progress as if it were right next to us.

When you want to go well, your choice will be Coswel.

We put the trust first, through quick and smooth communication in every step.

Since the foundation of Coswel Korea in 2006, we have had a wide range of experiences, working with various clients around the world, large and small projects. Wherever you are, we will always be a trusted partnership, sharing progress as if we were right next to you. We handle not only cosmetic containers but also cosmetics finished products. However, we are not satisfied here and would like to meet with more clients, and more challenging projects. We are fully ready to collaborate with you. We are expecting you.