Customer Requirements

Since its inception in 2006, Coswel Korea has been providing products to meet the diverse needs of its clients. We find all available methods for any customer's needs and get the best response.

Product Developing

From the stage of product development, we will discuss specifically and clearly which and how many products you want. Save a lot of your time and opportunity costs with our know-how from years of experience, and give you a rough estimate and an optimal timeline in a short time.


Once the details of the product have been settled, the samples will be produced and confirmed by the customer so that they can actually check the details. When it's finished, you can check the sample as well.

Production / Quality Control

Even the production is started, Coswel Korea will continue to check if there are any difficulties during the production, and if the quality is good enough for the clients. If we find problems, even after the production is completed, we will notify it to the customer immediately and deal with the problems together.

Documents for registration

With the finish of production, Coswel Korea helps you to collect all the documents(Ingredients list, Safety data sheets, Certificate of origin, etc.) for registration you need to have.


Once all production procedures have been completed, transport them according to the mutually pre-designated method.